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What is a machine?

What is SI unit of displacement?

A rigid body cannot elongate or contract in any direction

The velocity of a moving body may be a vector amount having magnitude and direction

Whenever a degree is moving on a path and also the path is rotating, there’s an additional element of the acceleration because of coupling between the motion of the purpose on the trail and also the rotation of the trail. This element is named Coriolis acceleration.

A cam is a mechanical member used to impart desired motion to a follower by not direct contact

Static parity happens when the focal point of gravity of an item is on the pivot of rotation

Shafts with uneven masses cannot be twisted by the powers and experience exhaustion disappointment

Belts, ropes and chains square measure used wherever the space between the shafts is massive. For tiny distances, gears square measure most well-liked

A dynamometer is a torque and brake energy measuring device needed to drive a powered machine.

The motion of a body sliding over another body is restricted by a force. That force is known as friction

A gear train is a mechanical framework shaped by mounting gears on an edge so the teeth of the apparatuses lock-in.

The governor senses RPM shaft, adjusting or controlling the blade angle to change the engine torque load.

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon where an equilibrium point oscillates

Forced vibration occurs when a mechanical system is affected by a time-constant disruption

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