Basics of Numerical Analysis : Free test Evaluation

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The condition number is used to define how sensitive the output is concerning changes in the input. Thus, a problem with a high condition will yield results out of huge errors

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Since you aim to use machines to reduce your calculation time you should always make sure to analyze the problem you’re feeding into a specific algorithm to avoid getting erroneous results.

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Error always plays a very minor role when you’re dealing with approximations

When you use numerical analysis to find the value of integration then it leads to erroneous answers

The numerical analysis provides you with multiple methods for interpolation, some of them being LaGrange’s interpolation, Newton divided difference, newton’s forwards and backward difference and Neville interpolation

Numerical integration is just a set of methods or algorithms to find the value of definite integrals

To solve a nonlinear equation we have many multiple methods such as the Bisection method, fixed-point iteration method, secant method, newtons method.

The idea behind numerical solutions of a Differential Equation is to replace differentiation by differencing

A system of the linear equation has a unique solution if the number of variables is not equal to the number of unique equations.

The problem with the one-step method is that it only considers one previous point when calculating the next step